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What is (ApkaGhar Apki Ponch Main) is the 1st Free Property Website of Pakistan. is an interactive and comprehensive online property portal which aim to provide the best user experience for property owners, property buyers, real estate agents anywhere in Pakistan. is 1st Property website in Pakistan that actively interacts with social media (Facebook) to advertise your properties.

  • Our aim is to provide easily accessible service to our Property owners, Property buyers and Real Estate Agents in Pakistan through user-friendly property website in Pakistan.
  • team help Real Estate Agents and Property Owners in advertisement of their domestic and commercial properties all over Pakistan.
  • team help Property buyers to find a right and most suitable property for their needs
  • aim is and will always be ‘to shorten the gap between the Property buyers/renters and Property owners’.
  • network of renowned real estate agencies, project buyers, property sellers, property builders, architects and home designers is growing day by day and team is proud to be a focal point for their property negotiations and dealings.
  • Facebook page Apkaghar is linked to website to attract the right audience at the right time. The properties uploaded on with the right content and detail get linked to the Facebook page. The website and FB page interact with each other and the outcome gets you the right property if you are a buyer. The chances of Selling your property increases significantly due to this active interaction.
  • If you are looking to buy or sell a house, you can contact team anytime on our FB page or website and our dedicated team of professionals will make sure you get the right advice at the right time
  • If you are a Property Investor, team will work with you to advertise your Property project/scheme in the best possible way and if you are interested in partnership, team will advertise your project/scheme on the Home and Facebook page of Apkaghar.
  • We also provide consultation for real estate in Pakistan and what more we can also work as your letting/selling/buying agent if you require professional and affordable service.

Why Us

We are one of the fastest growing property portals in Pakistan and We are Free. Our innovation and use of technology (social media) makes us easily approachable to the buyers, sellers and estate agents. We are the only property website in Pakistan which connects facebook users to the website as such the advertisement of the property on fb page Apkaghar is directly linked to the website

If you are a Property buyer in Pakistan: Contact team for professional advice, customized service and honest opinion. team will work with you to find a property of your needs anywhere in Pakistan and will get you in touch with the right people.

If you are a Property Owner in Pakistan, team will help you in creating a presentable property profile to attract buyers. team will advertise your property on our Facebook page Apkaghar and if it is well presented, we will paid advertise it on Facebook at our own cost.

If you are an estate agent, team will provide an easily accessible property portal to upload your properties and will help you to reach to the right customers. Moreover, if you are interested in business partnership, team would make you ‘Featured Agent’ and will advertise your business on home and Facebook pageApkaghar.

If you are a Property Investor and interested in Partnership, will provide consultation for the best possible advertisement of your Property project/scheme and moreover, team will advertise your project/scheme on the Home and Facebook page Apkaghar of

Contact Us

Our professional team of individuals is available round the clock for your service and consultation. Please call us at 0331 9730073, what’s app us at 0340 0000044 or visit our Facebook page:Apkaghar for professional and free advice.


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